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Why are we here?

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Good question! Why ARE we here and who are we? We will get to all of that, but first we want to thank you for at least being interested enough to read our blog. This is our place to be transparent and to fill in the information gaps created between reality and, well… not-reality.

WE, are mostly just me, Kevin Hunt. I am a career Firefighter/Paramedic, former Army Medic, EMS educator, and rescue specialist. I’ve spent several years as a backcountry guide and wilderness medical provider/instructor. In all I have been providing and teaching pre-hospital, emergency, and wilderness/disaster medicine for 22 years. I have several adjunct instructors that I call on when the need arises. Their backgrounds vary from RN’s, to military providers, critical care paramedics, and the occasional MD.

The reason for all the hoopla is because I have come to believe that you need to know what I know! This isn’t out of arrogance or some need to impose my will on people. It’s out of necessity. In my career I have had the “privilege” of seeing the consequences of others bad luck or bad decisions, and this is what I have concluded: There are a lot of people who are dead that shouldn’t be. Why are they dead? Because they had to wait for a professional rescuer in order to get simple, life saving medical care.

So here we are. PreparedMed exists to teach those who are interested the simple, life saving skills necessary to preserve life until professional help arrives. This could mean minutes, hours, or even days. The skills and techniques are simple. A motivated bystander with minimal gear and minimal training can drastically alter the outcome of an emergency situation. The difference between life and death or disability is opportunity and mindset.

Our approach to this task is to keep things simple. We want to offer the complete novice, inexperienced citizen the opportunity to learn as much as they want in a non-intimidating environment. Whether you read this blog, attend one of our courses, or follow us on social media, we want you get the answers to the questions you have; from the basic to the complex.

So, thank you for stopping by. Please follow us and reach out with questions or topics you would like to learn about. Thanks, and remember, “Hope is not a strategy.”

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