Austere Medicine is designed to take the basic, prehospital medical course to the next level.  Training outside in "less desireable" conditions and working with live patients provides the student with realistic feedback and stress to ensure they have the ability to perform under stress.  Combining wilderness medicine with TECC offers a well rounded course teaching skills that will prove useful in any situation.  Open to anyone interested, Austere Medicine level 2 adds advanced skills/ concepts and scenarios to push the students and expand their knowlege base.  Course taught outside: rain/shine/hot/cold

NAEMT certification in TECC available for those interested (written test required) 


Course Length: 2.5 days

Location: Byhalia, MS (location given after registration)


Course objectives:

  • Define tactics and necessity for prehospital rescue and medicine
  • Understanding the austere environment and phases of care
  • Explain the 3 phases of TCCC
  • Explain and utilize the MARCH algorithm
  • Patient moving techniques
  • Trauma patient assessment
  • Patient triage
  • Hemorrhage control techniques
  • Patient airway management (including surgical and non-surgical airways)
  • Management of torso trauma
  • Assessment and treatment of shock
  • IV Therapy
  • Pain management techniques
  • Understanding the utilization of available evacuation resources
  • Wound care and splinting
  • Gear Selection
  • And more


Target Audience:
EMT’s, Nurses, Physicians, Tactical Medics, SAR, etc. Although this course is designed for the medical provider anyone willing to learn is welcome. Completion of this course does not give the student permission or a license to practice the skills taught. All participants are required, by law, to practice within their professional scope of practice.


TECC is approved for CEU’s from POST, CECBEMS, and NREMT’s


TECC is endorsed by the American College of Surgeons. Students will receive a 4-year certification from the National Association of EMT’s (NAEMT) upon completion of a written test

Auster Medicine Lvl2