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The OLAES® Modular Bandage is the newest generation of trauma bandages and is advantageous for all levels of care providers.  

Packed with features such as 3 meters of gauze, a removable occlusive plastic sheet behind the OLAES® trauma dressing pad, and a pressure cup that can also act as a rigid eye shield, the advanced capabilities of the medical bandage are tucked neatly away and can be utilized if required or simply ignored. No hooks or clips to confuse or delay care. Velcro® 'Control' strips prevent the elastic roll from accidentally unraveling and secure the emergency bandage throughout the application process.  


Features Include:

  • Latex-free  
  • Elastic wrap with built-in 'control strips' to prevent inadvertent unraveling  
  • 3 meters of sterile 4-ply gauze  
  • The plastic occlusive sheet included in the dressing pocket  
  • Transparent pressure cup that focuses pressure on the wound site and allows for visual inspection of uncontrolled hemorrhage

Olaes Bandage, 4" flat packed

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