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Prepared Medical Response

Prepared Medical Response is a student focused training group passionate about teaching motivated students the skills and mindset required to make a difference during medical emergencies.  Whether its being first on the scene of a vehicle accident, witnessing someone having a heart attack, or being prepared to protect your family when the worst happens, knowing how to help and having the confidence to step-up can make difference before professional first responders arrive.  Using our experience, and the science of evidence-based medicine, Prepared Medical Response teaches students how make the right decisions when seconds count.  We offer courses for students with zero medical experience to courses for professional medical providers, from basic family emergencies to advanced tactical medics.


We believe that there are 3 legs to preparation: Training, Gear, and Mindset and that medical training is the cornerstone of any level of preparation.  We offer courses to better equip you for that inevitable situation and give you the training, gear, and mindset to be successful.  "If we stay ready we don't have to get ready"  

"Hope is not a strategy"

Our training class categories:

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